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Adelaide Anxiety and Stress Clinic is a private clinical practice where clients undergo treatment to relieve common emotional problems such as stress, anger and anxiety. Our treatments include Rapid Eye Treatment (RET) which is a quick and efficient way of dealing with fears, emotional issues, unwanted habits and behaviours. This is an effective, drug-free alternative for treating emotional issues.

We also specialise in touch for health kinesiology and neurolinguistic kinesiology, Relationship counselling, foot reflexology, as well as Energy work, Chakra clearing, and Reiki to bring about balance and enhance energy where needed. 

Rapid Eye Technology (RET)

Rapid Eye Treatment (RET) is the most advanced treatment for clearing mental issues and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

It is also successful at enhancing performance skills (eg business, performing arts, sport, public speaking etc).

RET is also a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of emotional stress and often only one session is needed to release the discomfort associated with major issues you may be facing. 

The RET model is scientific as well as holistic. It can reduce the length of treatment time from months or years in traditional methods to just two or three treatments. RET is also beneficial for working with both children and people of all ages.

Hot flushes and menstrual issues also cleared naturally in 3 15-minute treatment sessions.

Our Happy Clients

"Pauline is professional and highly skilled. I recommend her to anyone interested in this approach to healing"
Rebekah Popescu

Your Practitioner

Pauline Masters is a certified Rapid Eye Technician. She has been working for over 20 years in the allied health professions and has also practiced Bowen Therapy for twenty years.

Pauline is also a Skills for Life Facilitator who assists clients to review their ways of thinking and ability to change their lives as a result.

The values that underpin Pauline’s work are self empowerment, freedom and happiness.

“I really believe in helping people live their best life. So much of what holds people back from doing this can be cleared with just a couple of RET treatments”

Peaceful, Calm, Safe and Warm


Windsor Gardens

The Adelaide Anxiety and Stress Clinic is located in the tranquil suburb of Windsor Gardens. Address details and directions will be supplied prior to your appointment.


Operating Hours

Any time by appointment



Mobile: 0432 691 457


Golden Grove

Pauline also practices RET at Lifeforce Health Solutions.
1 The Golden Way & The Grove Way,
Golden Grove SA 5125

Mobile: 0432 691 457

"Set in a quiet and leafy part of Adelaide, the atmosphere is wonderfully healing and inviting"

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